COO Aliance

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Connect and grow with your peers. 

Surround yourself with other top seconds in command and pick three events to attend in gorgeous Phoenix, AZ. At each of the events, in addition to two full days of guidance from the high-growth master himself, Cameron Herold, you’ll learn from the wisdom of the crowd. We're firm believers that there isn't a problem this network of high-achieving peers can't help you solve, and you'll leave with a strong community to reach out to throughout the year.  

COO Alliance Members will be working exclusively with Cameron and other top COOs at each event. We want people that are not only of the right business size but also value a progressive business model. If you are the type of person who is always working to better your leadership and strategic skills, the COO Alliance is ideal for you. 

Submit your information here to register yourself for your application interview. We take the vetting process very seriously, as we not only want members to be able to relate to one another based on size of the company but also in personality. We are the #1 network in the world for seconds in command for a reason - every member has been thouroughly vetted and is as committed to growth as you are.

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