COO Aliance

COO Alliance 

Test Drive the December 14th & 15th 2017 COO Alliance  

Theme: Interviewing & Hiring - The Key to a Dynamic Culture 

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Everyone is focused on growing CEOs. Who is helping you, the COO?

Get Connected to Fellow COO's  

Experience rapid expansion, growth, and peer perfection! Everyone is focused on teaching CEOs how to grow as leaders. Who is helping you, the COO? COO Alliance is to here to assist YOU - the COO - in raising your game. The COO Alliance is an exclusive COO braintrust - and if you qualify - you have an exclusive opportunity to learn from and connect with other top high-growth COOs.  

Sharing our knowledge in the COO Alliance is #1. At the COO Alliance, every second in command will help their fellow COOs learn from their successes.  

Core Content for the COO Alliance includes:  

- Create & manage rapid, healthy growth - Build a culture that attracts an A Team - Gain COO & CEO relationship building tools - Streamline work by leveraging technology - Master strategic planning and execution - Develop communication skills that drive your company's vision and success - Become a dynamic leader - Cultivate career / life balance  

Getting started is simple: pick three events to attend in gorgeous Phoenix, AZ. At each of the events, you’ll uncover and absorb the wisdom of the crowd. Plus, you’ll get two full days of innovative guidance from the master of high-growth himself, Cameron Herold.  

“With the COO Alliance I think what’s been exciting is being around other chief operating officers or second in commands and kind of seeing how they work with their CEOs and owners and getting to see that dynamic and hear some of the similarities and some of the challenges we face together and coming up with solutions and hearing success stories that help us work together. I’ve been to a lot of conferences where you can be kind of in the background and sometimes you get good material, but most of the time you go back going, ‘I don’t know how to apply that once I get back.’ Here at the COO Alliance, I think the exciting piece is, I know that when I leave I’ve got a network of people that I can rely on and bounce ideas off of.”  

- Guy Berry, RedirectHealth 


Royal Palms Resort and Spa  

5200 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018

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